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Horizontal disk mill IM
The new generation of NIZZOLI® Air - agitator disc grinding was specially developed for this series.
Leading companies have been relying on LEIMIX® NIZZOLI® Air disc technology for many years. The concept assures reduced specific grinding costs due to higher flow capability and long service life. It offers numerous benefits for various applications.
The NIZZOLI® Air disk agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the entire grinding chamber. Highly efficient separation devices that are adapted to your application are available for separation of product and grinding media. This ensures that the mill is reliably operated with high viscous products as well.
It was developed for universal use. The new generation of LEIMIX agitator bead mills covers the entire range from dispersion to ultra-fine grinding. It is suitable for grinding bead diameters from 0.3 to 3mm. The newly developed grinding system with its large screens allows processing with high throughputs and of high-viscosity products. One of the strong points of the NIZZOLI® Air is the extremely even distribution of the grinding beads in the active grinding chamber. This allows stable and effective process parameters to be determined quickly and easily for the pass and circulation modes.

Superior grinding quality with minimized specific energy requirement
The set-up in series of a multitude of defined grinding cells in combination with the efficient introduction of energy results in a high production rate with reduced energy requirement.

Higher productivity from smaller mill volume
The reduced energy requirement and the option, due to high quality of mill lining materials, to increase the power input entail an enhanced productivity from a smaller mill volume.

High flow capability
The SMF separation efficiency and the NIZZOLI® Air grinding discs, counteracting a compression of beads, enable high production rates.

Minimized cost of ownership
Due to the combination of high productivity, minimized energy requirement and outstanding service life of the individually exchangeable mill chamber components, it is extremely economical to own a IM Horizontal full volume agitated bead mill .

Highest product quality at exact reproducibility
Narrow grain spectrum down to the sub-micron area
Flexible work with short preparation times
Continuous grinding process with high energy density
Grinding chamber designs adapted to your product
Abrasion-proof wear parts of different materials
Use of grinding media from approx. 0.3 to 3mm
Classifying separation system for all types of smallest grinding media
High productivity at lowest space requirement

Grinding System NIZZOLI® Air
Further development of the worldwide successful grinding system "MoliNex" ,The bead channels ensure the efficient acceleration of the grinding beads along a precisely defined path. During operation, each of the bead channels creates two efficient grinding circuits between the agitator discs that work in opposite directions.
1. Product inlet
2. NIZZOLI® Air grinding DISC (Bead Channel) ,Active counteracting force of the grinding media to the sweeping force of the product standard material (highly wear resistant chilled casting) and special materials (PU, PE)
3. Grinding circuits operating in opposite directions, High energy input due to large surface and the triple impulse frequency
4. Even distribution of the grinding beads in the active grinding chamber ,Radial acceleration of the grinding media through the entire grinding chamber section
5. NIZZOLI® Air -ROTOR (Bead Separation)
6. Large screen for high throughputs, A highly effective centrifugal separation system allows the product to flow out, while the grinding beads are retained inthe mill
7. Product outlet

Horizontal disk mill IM

Continuous agitator bead mills with horizontal disc agitator, With the NIZZOLI Air discs grinding system, the movement of thegrinding media between the disks is activated and optimized. This leads to a high power input and a grinding efficiency withlow sp

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