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iMo Smart®

New Generation of Agitator Bead Mill

Fresh creative standards were also set for the new iMo smart® from the very beginning and a new expression of form was used that distinctly communicates the innovative strength of LEIMIX® in the design as well. In place of the cast housing, external instruments and pipework there is a clear, dynamically-curved welded construction of heavy plating which also fulfills a load-bearing function.

The ergonomic design of the machine stand was a primary consideration during the development phase. The iMo smart® has a self-supporting grinding chamber, which ensures good accessibility to the grinding area during operation and maintenance. Thanks to the ergonomic mounting of the grinding chamber, changing products is quite easy, especially on the smaller models.

The new iMo smart® sets the standard when it comes to flexibility and handling and, thanks to its modularity, allows customer-specific solutions: different grinding systems can be mounted on one base stand – customized for the requirements of the product you need to process.

The advantage this modular system brings you is cross-system standardization and thus the option to economically convert a machine to a new grinding system. In addition, the iMo smart® is also the platform for future LEIMIX® technologies, which guarantees you long-term investment security.
The new LEIMIX® iMo smart® modular machine platform is designed such that four different grinding systems can be mounted on the same platform according to a defined drive capacity: the advanced disk grinding system NIZZOLI Plus, the new peg system NIZZOLI with optimized grinding media separation systems OCS , and the new grinding system NIZZOLI Pro .

iMo smart® Cart
For maintenance and service as well as changing the grinding media, grinding beads must be collected and moved. It is also sometimes necessary for different grinding systems to be moved from or to the machine. With the flexible, multifunctional iMo smart® Cart you have a tool that can be used for all of the different grinding systems to greatly simplify these tasks.

The integrated service tray holds the entire bead charge and prevents loss of grinding media during maintenance. The grinding tank and tank bottom can be removed without additional lifting equipment. Another advantage is that one service cart can be used for multiple machines.

Installed Drive Power in kW

iMo smart /Type Volumes inner liner [ L ] batch size [ L ] Drive [kW ]
4 0.6 6 4
11 2 50 7.5-11
15 6 100 15-18.5
22 10 600 22-30
45 25 2000 45
90 60 > 2000 90-110
200 150 > 4000 132-220
400 400 > 8000 315-400

iMo Smart

The nano mill iMo Smart is the next development of the worldwide known circulation peg mill system . It's field of application starts where the other agitator bead peg mill system ends.

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